See How (T)he(i)r Garden Grows…

So, quick post on our garden! Eric is the veggie mastermind, and it is sad that I let this summer go by without documenting our garden. That being said, some pictures to share, and some of the things that I wonder at that we are growing. Cheers! PS: WordPress picture formatting sucks. I’ve been jiggering with it for about 30 minutes now, delaying dinner, and so pictures are out of order and text is whack. My apologies – I hope you enjoy none the less!

The beginning trestles for green, scarlet runner and purple podded yard long beans created by Eric. This was taken a few months ago. See next for now.This is the tripod of green beans on the left in the first photo.

Purple Podded Yard Long Beans for winter drying and storage. Erica from B&H told us to put them in a grain sack, and beat the living daylights out of them for the best way to shell them. That should be a blast! 🙂

A chicken carrying a humungous tomato that was buggy.

Snacking ladies! They love questionable tomatoes.

Today’s harvest – green peppers, yellow bell tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, green beans, Czechoslovakian black peppers, poblanos, a lone sparks earliana tomato, and a lone black brandy-wine.

The trellis on the right in the first picture – now with Purple Podded Yard Long Beans to store for winter. Lovely flowers commingling from the Scarlett Runner Beans!

Scarlett Runner flowers. So pretty!

the first picture – taken today.


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