Bean Salad

I love quick and easy bean salads. I made one last night that knocked both of our socks off, so I figured it would be good to blog.

Bean Salad – now known as crack salad in our house because of its addictive properties.


1 can organic black beans, drained and rinsed
1 organic avocado
2 organic, local garlic scapes sliced thin
1 can”all natural” corn – about 11 oz. drained and rinsed*
4 medium to large mint leaves (I used apple mint from our garden)
1-2 tsp cilantro
sea salt
organic olive oil

1. Cook the beans in advance with 1 tsp of cilantro, the two scapes and a splash of olive oil. Cook approximately 8 minutes, then let cool in the fridge (if in a time pinch).
2. While the beans cook, slice the avocado. I use grid slicing for nearly everything. I take one half and slice thin vertical lines, then go across horizontally, then trace the perimeter with the knife. You can either just “flip out” the avocado then, or use the knife – but either way you get nice sized pieces.
3. Put the avocado in a large bowl. Add the corn, 1 tsp cilantro, a grind or two of sea salt, and tear up (or cut up) the mint into tiny pieces. Refrigerate.
4. Once your beans are cooled down, toss them into the mix. garnish with a mint leaf if going for fancy.

*Corn is single handedly one of the scariest GMO crops. Just because it is local, or touts being “all natural” doesn’t mean it is OK. More on GMO’s later.


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