Dawn of a New Food Era

ImageDid you ever see a vegetable or fruit at the farmer’s market or grocery store that you wanted to try, but all you could think was “What the heck do I actually do with that?” This is the blog for you. I am a proponent of healthy eating, and my focus is always organic and local foods. I’m part of a local, organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), I work for a local, organic Farmer’s Market, and we grow some goodies in our organic garden (as well as having free range eggs from our chickens – Bebop, Shredder and Rocksteady). Also, I have a bit of culinary school under my belt, and am a foodie to the max. Through many years of dinner parties (that started in college with red beans and rice suppers and have now morphed into large scale theme nights), everyone has referred to my abode as “Kelyns’ Kitchen”. It’s not the fanciest name, but it is good, honest, from-the-earth cooking, and so a good, honest name seems to work.

Anyway, this serves as a disclaimer as well – not everything I use is organic, local or all natural. I really wish it was, but for some things there just isn’t a good option for me yet. I will tell you in recipes what is and isn’t organic/local, so that you can get a true and accurate picture of how this goes.  I do stay away from anything really processed, and I would say at least 99% of our groceries are “all natural” – although that phrase can be mighty misleading. So don’t be scared of new produce, enjoy perusing my real life recipes, ask questions if you have them and I am happy to take comments or suggestions to make things better. My goal is to be a resource to the community (and gee, if this takes off, maybe the region!) for recipes, healthy eating trends, and general food knowledge.

This blog is here to serve our community as a resource for healthy eating. Since I seem to have my hands in everyone’s organic pots, it made sense to consolidate and start a blog! Follow my adventures through new produce with the CSA and my part-time job, and hopefully try some new things. Cheers!



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